Competition win in Germany


We are glad to share that our design proposal has won the urban design competition for the new town center of Neu-Anspach. Our proposal, The Missing Shamrock (Das vermisste Kleeblatt), complements the history of Neu-Anspach with a new layer, the missing leaf.

We create a coherent and identity-forming urban space. An open, inviting living room of human scale for Neu-Anspach. The mix of housing, retail, culture, green spaces, and a mobility hub cultivates the ground for a vibrant and attractive town center. The new building structures facilitate a safe environment through their presence and multi-functionality.

Through the design of the Markthaus and central square that harmonize with their surroundings, both residents and visitors will be treated to a warm and familiar atmosphere throughout the year.

During the design process, Mareld took on the responsibilities of urban design, architecture, and landscape. The model was created with 3D printing.