Pulsen Borås

Category: Parelell comission
Location: Borås, Sweden
Year: 2021
Client: Pulsen Fastigheter AB
Architect: Erséus Arkitekter

In this parallel commission, the main challenge was to open the area and connect it to the surrounding city: bridging barriers and creating strong links for urban life and the future Superpark. We proposed a strategy based on three clear parallel paths, each of which offers attractive urban spaces, coherent green spaces, and proximity to Viskan. Each path has a different character, Red, Green, and Blue. Therefore, we named our strategy RGB.


The Red path is an urban street with a wide connection across Road 40, and a new alley to the south. It creates a sequence of interconnected urban spaces with an exciting mix of industrial history and new architecture. It is characterized by active ground floors, space for greenery, and strong entrances. Red stands for city life.

Visulent AB

Rainwater management


The Super Park


Entry points and urban spaces

diagram landmarks


diagram grön

Green structure

The currently wide and car-centered Nils Jacobssons gatan is transformed into a green park street that connects Stadsparken/St Ansgars and St:a Brigittas cemetery with lush greenery, large trees, rain gardens, and activity areas. We maximize the benefits of ecosystem services here.

400 del A2 norr
Visulent AB

Viskan is the lifeblood of Borås. The shores are protected and developed into soft, coherent edges with high ecological values. New bridges, boardwalks and contact areas are created where the path meets the river. People are invited down to the water.

Sektion visar bababba
400 del A2 syd

Our team:
Architects: Erséus Arkitekter
Environmental consultant: Calluna
Noise consultant: Norconsult
Visualisations: Visulent