Mölndals Innerstad

Category: Program outline
Location: Mölndal
Year: 2013 - 2018
Client: Mölndals city
Architect: Krook&Tjäder, Fredblads, Rstudio, Wingårdhs
Lighting designer: Lightbureau

Mölndal’s inner city is facing a total renovation and new construction projects are under planning, such as malls, grocery stores, new headquarters SCA, libraries and housing. In connection with this renewal, MARELD has developed a design guideline for public space. Three different planning processes have been carried out. The work has been done in close collaboration with the civil servants, the architects of the developers and others. MARELD has had a creative role in driving the design work and anchoring this to a design group. Social, ecological and economic sustainability have been key words and special emphasis has been placed on handling stormwater. The water and the Mölndalsån river are an important part of Mölndal’s identity and history. By making the stormwater visible with rain gardens, water runnel features and buffering ponds, the water becomes a clear theme in the urban space. A lighting program developed by ÅF Lighting has also been linked to the design program. MARELD has subsequently participated as a design link / reviewer during the design phase until implementation.


Mölndal  Square

The inspiration comes from the name Mölndal (Mjölnardalen) and is expressed in a cohesive granite floor divided into fields, linked to the grain field of the time. The fields have become carpets in selected places to give a cozy feel to the Mölndalsborn’s own living room. The floor and its fields tell the story of the old and new Mölndal. The floor consists of granite stones in various shades, sizes and patterns. In the middle of the square, the paving is more detailed with blasted patterns in the stone. MARELD and artist Åsa Maria Bengtsson have worked closely in the design of the square.

A new pavilion building containing a café and a public toilet helps to create spaciousness in the square. The pavilion’s glazed design means that there is no front or back, which creates security and flexibility. In a diagonal across the square there are art sculptures in the form of different carpets, these become exciting elements that arouse curiosity and spontaneous play. A fountain / water play provides cool and amusing hot summer days. Stairs with ”sitting cubes” become inviting seating in the evening sun.

Ulla J 2
Mölndals innerstad_2

Ulla Jakobsson´s Square

Ulla Jakobsson was an actress who starred in ”Hon dansade en sommar”. She was born in Mölndal and has been given the name of the square in front of the library. Ulla Jakobsson’s square will be an entrance area to the Library and cultural activities will take place in the urban space. Light and sound installations provide interactive opportunities for all forms of culture.

Under the sago trees you can sit and hear various audio installations, reading books or music. The library’s generous glass façade and entrance invite and welcome visitors. The place’s design language, pattern and furnishings are included in the Library’s foyer. The water game called ’Mölneforsen’, as well as trees of the fruit tree type, link to Mölndal’s history, Kvarnbyn and the old garden town.

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