Category: Quotation request/Direct Procurement – Design PM
Location: Lund, Sweden
Year: 2021 - on going
Client: Technical Administration, Lund Municipality

Brunnshög is being planned as a pioneering project at the forefront of sustainable city development. From large technical systems, such as tramway and district heating, to smaller initiatives, such as the integrated management of rainwater and successional tree planting strategies. Brunnshög shall be a place with the highest levels of social, economic, and environmental sustainability and a distinct quality of life.

In the winter of 2021/2022, MARELD was commissioned by Technical Department at Lund Municipality to prepare a Design Program for The Western Green Corridor. An area central to the new Brunnshög district which is already under development! The Design Program shall serve as a basis for upcoming detailed plans and detailed designs.

Visualisation showing the main path
Visualisation showing the main path

One major challenge for the linear park is the capacity to manage large volumes of rainwater in cloudburst situations whilst providing attractive park space and for the new residents and communities of Brunnshög.

The design proposals place a number of Green Squares at strategic locations to capture pedestrian and reduced vehicular flows. The squares then connect directly to new park areas of varying size, all of which consist of undulating topography to manage rainwater and excess soils from site excavation works.

Plan drawing
Plan drawing

The spaces are intertwined with sustainable landscape interventions such as Bee Road, a wildlife corridor along the length of the park to help pollinators, pollinate! Strategic tree planting based on the 3-30-300 principle and a spatial design tool that Mareld has developed based on user experience. 1: Park spaces, 2: The feeling that one is almost home, and 3: That feeling of being home. This concept prioritises social and environmental qualities over technical requirements and aims to make the most of daily routines and provide the best living environment possible.

Consultant Team:
Climate adaptation and blue-green infrastructure: Ramboll Sweden
Lighting Design: Projektteknik Ljus
Visualisations: Visulent

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Sektion D2-D2