Green and Blue Design

We have an extensive toolbox for shaping and building sustainable cities and landscapes. Our starting point is always to understand the ecological context and listen to nature’s own processes. As industry leaders in blue-green design, we bring our experience and knowledge of ecosystem services, climate protection and sustainable water management to every project.


As industry leaders in stormwater management, urban drainage systems and a the design, protection and enhancement of coastal environments, MARELD can met the challenge of future proofing the environments that we live, work and play in our future cities. We have the technical experience required for designing with water in all its forms and the capability to balance the different opportunities and challenges that influence the experience of water.

Our approach to the management of surface water takes account of water quantity - flooding, water quality - pollution, biodiversity - wildlife and plants and amenity. We have the ability to test and simulate present and future scenarios. It is our wider perspective that allows us to sit at the forefront of climate adaptation in preparing for our shared future.


The planet is our starting point: each site with its own unique conditions as a habitat. We interpret and analyse geology, soils, and vegetation. We evaluate the ecological activity and life of each place, we work alongside Nature’s own processes to create resilient and site-specific architecture.