MARELD embraces an active role in the move towards circular city-building. Our established processes for reuse, climate calculation and life-cycle analysis allow design solutions with minimal climate impact and circular resource flow. By seeing and embracing the contextual conditions of a place, we find smart, effective and sustainable solutions.

Site specific design

By truly understanding a place’s conditions and potential, we can build smart and sustainably. We start our process with a detailed inventory and analysis of each site: its materiality, geology, habitat, vegetation, and cultural context. Once our analysis has been undertaken, we open our toolbox to develop each site to reach its full potential.

Climate and economy

We have a wide and finely tuned knowledge of material, lifecycle and problem solving that provide robust and lasting solutions; solutions that consider resources, economy, and maintenance in both the short and long-term. We use a range of tools for inventory, material analysis, and climate calculations to help minimise each project’s environmental footprint. Our starting point is always drawn from an understanding of context: the topography, materials, soil, plants, and water. Thus, we shape our work around Nature’s own processes.