Skateboarding close to nature


This autumn Mareld have been busy developing design ideas for a new park and skatepark in Fristad for the municipality of Borås.

The concept takes it base in “skateboarding close to nature” – where the woodland characteristics of the area are kept and enhanced. The street area takes inspiration from the surrounding city, replicating the linear movements of street-style skateboarding whilst building upon previously hard surfaced areas in the forest (concrete tennis courts). The Flow Park integrates with existing pine woodland structure where flow sections are designed to allow skateboarders and other park users to flow around and weave in and out of the trees. Designs have been developed to find balance between natural processes and these new woodland activities.


Rainwater is directed towards the spaces between the Flow Park and the Street area where sunken raingardens take care of the run-off. In some instances, the park levitates over the woodland floor!


During the design and dialogue stage of the process Mareld, together with the municipality, met with the local skateboard and BMX clubs to help refine designs to suit their specific recreational requirements. In the design of “skate-friendly” environments we work with zoning schemes for active users – from beginners to professionals and zoning for non-active users such as observant family members and spectators. Place making by design.