MARELD in Landskap NU/Landscape NOW


Two MARELD projects, Hoppet and Säteriet, are featured in Landskap NU/Landscape NOW!


”Landskap NU/Landscape Now showcases the most captivating projects in contemporary Swedish landscape architecture, ranging from expansive wetlands and inviting bathing areas to quaint town squares and flourishing housing estates.


Landscape architecture in Sweden finds itself in a promising yet challenging position. While there has been a longstanding commitment and financial support for enhancing public spaces, the available land surfaces have diminished, and expectations have grown. With the looming threats of climate change and ecological concerns, this art form is now recognized as an indispensable solution. Simultaneously, urban areas are becoming more densely populated, and natural land is being repurposed. This book unveils landscape architecture’s response to these challenges and the tangible outcomes of the investments in this art form, which, more than any other, reflects the essence of the present and the future.”


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Hoppet photo: Isak Bodin